LEED with Green

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)

A sustainable flooring solution is one component among a list of building materials that can contribute toward the design and certification of a LEED building. No product can be LEED certified; however, meeting the minimum credit requirements often requires the LEED team to specify a multitude of environmentally responsible products. We will help in this important selection process.

Product Selections

Corporate Flooring Group along with all of our manufacturer partnerships have made a strong commitment to, at every opportunity, do what is right for the environment. This starts by understanding our customers’ needs, then proposing the best product from our wide variety of environmentally friendly commercial and residential offerings. Not only are these products good for the environment, but they are also the best in the industry and of the highest quality. Our Eco-Friendly solutions are available in hardwoods, tiles, carpets, and sundries.

Reclaiming and Recycling of Products

We have developed a customer friendly process that allows for easy and economical reclamation of carpet. Regardless of where the carpet. Regardless of where the carpet came from or size of the job we will work with our customers to find the most environmentally safe solution. Once the carpet has been reclaimed we provide a certificate guaranteeing your carpet will not end up in a landfill.